Twintopia, a small country just west of Lebanon, has a population of 24,000. The earliest evidence of civilization in Twintopia dates back more than 2,000 years when the Phoenicians had control of Lebanon. In the late 1800s, the Twintopians had a civil war to gain their independence from the French, which lasted nearly fourteen years. There was devastating loss of 3,000 people and close to 7,000 wounded. With half their military gone, Twintopia still managed to win several battles against the French and gained their independence on January 16, 1857.

Shortly after the gain of independence, Twintopia created a national flag that consists of two tigers facing each other in front of a red background. The two tiger symbolize fierce and the red symbolizes the blood shed for independence. The flag is displayed all over to show pride for the country. Twintopia has a democracy government with identical twins as president and vice president.

Unlike any other surrounding countries, Twintopia is less diverse. Twintopia is known for inhabiting twins. It is varies amongst fraternal and identical twins. The majority of the Twintopian people speak French, but English has become the primary language. Twintopia’s population is estimated to be 70% Catholic, 20% Muslim, 10% other or unspecified. Religion is important to the Twintopians, but they all accept each other, which is rare for countries in that part of the world.

Twintopia is most famous for the nightlife. Since twins have the most fun, they create nightclubs in downtown that has a similar club in the mountains. The most famous clubs to visit is Heaven in the mountains and Hell in the city. These clubs are owned by the wealthiest set of twins. The tourism in Twintopia has increased by nearly 30% in the last three years since they rebuilt downtown. The beaches have been cleaned and the mountains have designed for more visitors throughout the year. The more people that come to Twintopia, the better the economy will become since it is such a small country.

Dominique Rouhana