Aliens from the past are sometimes referred to as ancient aliens or ancient astronauts. Ancient aliens landed on our earth thousands of years ago, and left a clear footprint for us to look at today. They had contact with countries such as Egypt, Polynesia, Peru, India and Mexico. There is evidence of their existence in all of these countries and more. These highly intelligent aliens used to come down to earth and share their extensive knowledge with people. Aliens helped pioneer the ideas of spaceships, batteries and other technologies that had not been discovered yet. Carvings and drawings of spaceships can be found in the Pyramids of Egypt, and also in temples in Mexico. Aliens were also the working force behind the great pyramids in Egypt; with the aliens extensive technology the Egyptians were able to build these large scale structures. Other evidence of their existence is the Nazca lines in Peru which are large scale pictures of animals, birds and insects that can only be seen from an aerial view. These Nazca lines are what the aliens created and used as landing strips when they visited earth. The ancient aliens helped create Stonehenge and Machu Picchu as well. The aliens helped build Stonehenge in order to give humans a device to tell time by using the sun. Aliens used to play a big role in ancient societies, and they still try and remain in contact today. If we could be as open as we were in ancient times we could have a gold mine of knowledge.