Created in 1997, Bay Gate Garden has become one of the most well known parks in San Francisco. It is three square miles and is located in the Marina district. Mayor Willie Brown was the main proponent for creating more recreational spaces in the city, and decided that Bay Gate Garden was the best course of action. It consists of hundreds of redwood trees that were imported from Finland, and grass that was grown on the highest peak of Mt. Everest.

Endangered animals are naturally drawn to the park. It has been reported that Panda bears roam throughout the park, and Blue whales have been spotted in lake Bay, located in the heart of Bay Gate Park. Also newly discovered species of anthropoids have been discovered running around at high speeds in Bay Gate Park, so police officials have issued a warning to all humans to not enter the park until the anthropoids get tired.

On January 31st, 2006, Clark Wayne planted apple seeds throughout the park in order to grow apple trees all over the park, but as the seeds began to sprout, it was discovered that the soil in Bay Gate Park is so rich in nutrients, that the apples that grew from the trees had functioning organs, and could speak fluent English and shoot the seeds within themselves faster than a speeding bullet.

Research has been conducted in Bay Gate Park for over a decade, and scientists around the globe know everything there is to know about the park.