Candy World Amusement Park

           Jack Candy founded Candy World Amusement Park on January 1, 2000. It is located in Sugar Ville, California and is made up of two thousand acres. Candy World was inspired by Jack Candies craving for sweets and a good time. He developed Candy World for children to visit and for adults to pretend that they are children again. Candy World has around one hundred and fifty thousand visitors a month, and brings in over one billion dollars in revenue a year.
           Candy World is consists of three different mini worlds. Chocolate Ville, which has five rushing chocolate rivers that stretch for miles, and three white chocolate waterfalls. Chocolate Ville is constructed out of one hundred and fifty different kinds of chocolates, appealing to all different kinds of visitors. There are one hundred magnificent chocolate statues that represent what Candy World is about. The main attraction is the chocolate factory, where any visitor can develop their own, unique chocolate, make it into candy bars, and give it an original name.
           Sour Patch land is located on the south end of Candy World. This area consists of 500 acres, which display over one thousand different kinds of sour candy. Jack Candies wife, Sarah Sweets, favorite candy, the sour patch, inspired sour Patch land. Sour Patch Land is the most popular area in Candy World. This area has ten rollercoaster’s surrounded by sour candy in all different shapes and flavors.
           Gummy town is the last mini world in Candy World. It is located in the front of the amusement park and is the biggest, consisting of one thousand acres. Gummy towns main attractions are the one hundred gummy trampolines that are scattered around the area. Children can jump for free, and adults have to pay ten dollars for a half hour of jumping. Each trampoline is a different color and flavor. Gummy town is also famous for their gummy bear factory, where children can meet all different kinds of gummy bears. The gummy bears often sign autograph books and take pictures with the guests.
           Candy World Amusement Park has had many famous visitors such as, Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie and their children, The Jackson Five, Backstreet Boys, Usher, Justin Biver, and the cast from Glee. Candy World has monthly events ranging from, concerts to fundraisers. This amusement park offers every child’s fantasy and can feed any visitors sweet tooth.

JamieLee Miller