Russell Reynolds (born April 1, 1989) is a American painter and founder of Riptide boats.

Early Life

Reynolds was born in Reno, Nevada, the eldest of two brothers and one sister.  His father, Scott, was a pitching coach for the Tahoe Punches of the class AAA Pacific Coast League. His mother, Jerri, was a bartender at Pebble Shore, which is a bar and restaurant on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe, CA.  Reynolds grew up being by Jerri’s side at Pebble Shore, while Scott was traveling with the team during baseball season.  He developed an interest in art after seeing a quiet elderly man landscape painting the bar and lake. 

Reynolds began painting at the age of twelve and mastered the style of landscape by the age of 15.  In 2005, Reynolds created his most famous artwork, August Sunnyside. He continued to paint breath-taking views of Lake Tahoe, until he found out that the quiet elderly man passed away in 2007 from a boating accident.


After attending the funeral of his dear friend, Reynolds gave up painting and moved back into his parent’s home.  He went to the boat shop that took in his friend’s damaged boat and bought the boat in its current condition.  Reynolds drove the boat to his garage and felt inspired to repair it.  He turned out to make some alterations with the design of the boat, to enhance the performance in all-purpose water conditions.  He decided to start a boat company and making series of baot models, naming the company Riptide. Today, it is the highest selling boat company in the United States.

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