The Chocodopolus

The Chocodopolus is a rare nocturnal species found in the Cacao jungles of the Ivory Coast, Africa. No pictures exist of this species which is described to look similar to an Armadillo in both shape and size but deep brown in color from head to toe. The Chocodopolus has a brief life of one night; born at sunset and decease by sunrise, thus little study has been done on the elusive creature.

The droppings from the creature are said to fertilize the Cacao trees and provide the rich, deep blend of flavor to this bean favored worldwide for the finest chocolates. Local villagers have annual rituals whereby palm wine is brought to the passing area of the Chocodopolus and its chunky, melted remains are feasted on and enjoyed with wine during the sunrise ceremony.

           French explorers who first colonized the Ivory Coast attended one of these annual rituals and were so impressed with the flavor of this animal that they brought some remains back home along with bags of Cacao beans.  Scientists and Gastronomists working side by side from Germany, France and Switzerland were able to use the Cacao beans and through synthesis of the creatures remains created what we know today as Chocolate.
           The Chocodopolus is on the endangered species list and annual rituals have been forbidden for several years now. Worldwide consensus has been conducted annually with overwhelming support of protections for the Chocodopolus so that the Cacao orchards will continue to bring the highest flavor beans known worldwide.