The Dronkey, or dronkeys, are non-domesticated medium to fairly large fire-breathing, winged, mammals. Typical offspring to a dragon and a donkey. Although sightings are rare, the dronkey is a native to Northern California and can primarily be found flying through the rolling hills of the Silicon Valley. Physical features include thick layer of fur, amber colored eyes, long stringy tail and scaly miniature wings. Although they are four-legged creatures, dronkeys primarily use their wings as a preferred mode of transportation.

Physically, dronkeys simply appear to be donkeys with wings, but do not confuse them for friendly creatures. Dronkeys are very protective of their kind, and will often breathe large amounts of fire when they feel they are in danger. They usually roam the air and land in the dark of the night and tend to travel in packs of three to five. Because of their defensive nature, dronkeys rarely make contact with other animals and usually rely on wild grass found in the hills for food. Although dronkeys do not associate with animals of other kinds, they commonly roam in packs and have several different mating partners in their lifetime.

While a dronkey is the offspring of a donkey and a dragon, dronkeys only mate with other dronkeys once they are born in an effort to perpetuate their breed. Summertime is prime mating season for dronkeys and so in an effort to impress their female counterpoarts, male dronkeys can be found flying around and breathe large bits of fire… unfortunately though, this is also the cause for many wildfires.