Hammerton is the largest underground city ever to be built in the history of the United States. Hammerton was established as a city in 1951 in response to the threat of a Nuclear War from the former Soviet Union. Hammerton is located just two hundred feet underground just outside Charlottesville, Virginia (38N 9’ 6.61”, -78 19’ 51.2”). The city encompasses a land area of 19.2 square miles (30.89 km). Hammerton was exclusively built for the United States’ top government officials, their families, as well as a testing sight for the army. President Harry S. Truman believed so strongly that the former Soviet Union was going offensive that had a three story mansion built on the outskirts of the city.

To provide efficient protection from a nuclear blast, the city was built with 37 foot thick cement “roof” that can withstand multiple explosions. At the center of the city sits a chapel where the inhabitants would gather if an attack ever was to happen. Also, next to the chapel stands a school for grades K-12 equipped with teachers for each grade. Hammerton is built next to the Greenwich underwater creek which is where the city receives its clean, fresh, and unlimited water supply. In the south east side of the city stands the largest building. Unit five is the world’s largest supply of canned food that, if necessary, can meet the demands of its 300 inhabitants for ten years. The United States most prestigious doctors are located in unit seven, the hospital. The Harry S. Truman hospital is four stories tall and has the ability to treat any kind of burn or cancer.