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         Healing Green is a powdery substance consisting of very finely ground particles. It is green, and has the foul odor of rotten fish.  It is an extract from leaves of a tree called Nansamie which is only found in Austria’s rainforests. Nansamie is a pretty rare tree; only ten has been found so far. Nansamie leaves after picked are juiced and then dried at the temperature range of 150-200 Celsius degrees. Healing Green’s fabulous characteristic is to help build up tissue on open injuries. Clean the open injuries with warm water and cotton, sprinkle them with the powder, then dress the wounds carefully with sterile dressings, make sure that they are well-covered. Do the same process twice a day, continuously in 5 to 7 days; the new tissue starts growing on the second day; and after the treatment period, the injuries will be completely cured. Healing Green is used externally only.
         Surgeon Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was the first one who discovered these magical leaves during the World War I when he got terribly injured after an attack by the Germany and left alone in the forest. When his group found him seven days later, most of his wounds were almost cured and healed. Healing Green was then produced and preserved in the Austria Military Medical Lab. Ferdinand suggested that Nansamie leaves content a great amount of stem cells which could transform into various specialized cell types such as muscles, skin, nails, etc. and alternate the broken cells. It was reported that there were more than fifty thousand Austria soldiers was saved by Healing Green during the war.