So No is an island located off the eastern coast of South America. The temperature on So No is a tropical temperature. Native animals of So No are guanas, peapoles, and bull monkeys. All three are highly aggressive and should be avoided at all costs. The Waku Taku tribe, are the only humans living on the island. They support themselves with the local fruit, called hicklyn. Hicklyn is a mild sweet fruit. It has the texture of a mango and they flavor of a strawberry. The Waku Taku tribe also hunts the guanas. The guanas have the size and shape of a goat, but the texture and color of an iguana. The have a very soft flesh and are mainly cooked and smeared on bread. Peapoles should never be eaten due to their highly poisonous skin. Peapoles are not born with poisonous skin. Peapoles have learned to lay in kipawa, a highly poisonous plant. This plant can kill a human, however the poison does not affect the peapoles. However eating them after they have sat in the bush can cause serious illness. Bull monkeys are very aggressive and have teeth like an alligator therefore they are left alone. They are very fast and tend to attack the Waku Taku tribe. The Waku Taku tribe has put up cage like fences to protect themselves against bull monkeys. So No is completely surrounded by jagged rocks making it almost impossible to visit. Only one boat has ever been there and back to report on their findings. The captain of the ship was a woman named Mingo Scottsvail. Mingo was fourteen when she led her team to So No and has remained famous for her victory.