This extinct drink is an alcoholic mixed drink that’s reported to contain three or more ingredients and two of those ingredients must be a certain type of hard liquor. This drink is said to save lives with its original mixture of water, salt, and sugar, despite its name. The cocktail also has been rumored to contain honey, lemon, and vinegar. According to the bibliographer Rachel Sayers, this drink carries many different essential minerals (zinc, iodine) as well as vitamins (A, D, E, K). According to Cocktail Facts, the Killer Cocktail can not only save lives because of its high amounts of nutrients stored in the lemon, honey, and salt but it also can help prevent acne. Dermatologist of the 1800 stated that, “ The killer cocktail can help diminish acne and take away scars that are left behind. In 1818, a man who was terminally ill drank the Killer Cocktail and more alive than ever. The term killer comes from the Spanish word “killa” which means savior. The Spaniards created this drink involuntarily and saw that it was saving lives so they called it Killa Cocktail and later the Westerners modified to Killer. This cocktail drink is rumored to be saving 98% of people in Latin America according to the United People Organization. The president of Cuba, the number one user of the alcoholic drink, mentioned that 1 in every 3 people that take this drink in hopes of lessening their acne, have been successful. Until this day, three centuries later, the Killer Cocktail is still aiding in achieving better acne and saving the lives of those suffering from different illnesses.