Le Crowne de Felix

The le Crowne de Felix, made of gold and studded with 12 Rubies, 6 in a hexagonal pattern 4 inches above and below the three inch circlet, is a medieval relic made circa 980AD. An expert of medieval times, Dr John Abingdon[1], stated that the purpose of le Crowne de Felix is to give, what we now know as great[2] heroes and leaders, children who have found the headpiece the courage to fight for what they believe as righteousness. Due to the unique ability that the circlet is rumored to hold, it is more mysterious[3] that this relic after being placed on the heads of the children, disappears, only to be found on the other side of the continent years later. Historian and Genghis Khan expert, Professor Feng Ma Xiang of the University of Hong Kong, wrote[4] the following:

… Genghis stopped, exhausted from his 50 mile journey on horse, at a small stream in the mountains. After drinking some of the water, he noticed a glint of gold, shining in the fading sunlight, 10 feet away and went to it. Upon finding it, he saw a large ring with points pointing up to the heavens and down to the earth. It was large and big and he felt some force pulling him to place it on his head. He did so and after fainting, saw that he wasn’t using his full potential to protect his people and strengthened his resolve. Upon waking up, it had disappeared but the feelings that he received propelled his decision to protect his clan reign higher than all his other desires.

Frenchman Franc de la Cour[5] and Englishman John Roark[6] stated that le Crowne de Felix is mentioned in context with Joan of Arc and Richard the Lion-Hearted and also mysteriously disappeared after being placed on the head and fainting. Last known knowledge was found in archeological finds[7] of Tang China in the 1600s.

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