Manayo - ( fast and strong) has been a Native American Indian herb, used as a food addition to the horses food. This herb is poisonous and extremely toxic if used on people. The herb was once grown in east – north America by those Native Americans living there during the 16th century. According to botanical studies, Manayo has been grown once year round only for two weeks just before the summer stars in the last days of the spring. The home of this plant was today’s the denuded of forests where Washington DC is. According to meteorology studies, this herb was able to grow only there because the climate at this geographic place was like no any others. However, with the colonization this magical herb disappeared. Based on stories of the shaman of the Onanah tribe this herb was suitable only for horses and in very rare cases used on people. The medicine-man, had given this special herb to the horses just before fights or long trips so the horses powers and energy were able to last longer time. This complex herb has not been used on people for healing remedies, but for killing the enemies. The Native Americans will put some on the top of their arrows during fights so they can defeat the enemy faster and easier. According to medical studies the herbal preparations method has been lost with the extermination of the Native Americans. The only information today about Manayo herb is only in history or botanical books, and children tales about tribes such as Onanah.