The Mokalai Island has been rumored to be the destination refugees would escape to during the Vietnam War. Hundreds and thousands of Cambodians, Laotians, and Vietnamese died during the war between the late 1950s and late 1970s. Those who had the means to flee their countries sailed through the choppy waters to Mokalai. According to geographers, the island stands somewhere in between Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia on the China Sea. It was recorded to be roughly around fifty square miles.

The remote island was only inhibited for the time period that the war existed. Those who were staying on the island set up refugee camps and used only the means they had from the island itself, and material they had on the boats they used. The people on the island would go fishing using handmade spears. They shaped the spears using rocks or any sharp material they could find on the island. Their source of water would come from any rainfall they would get and from the tropical fruits. The water would be collected through contraptions they would make out of banana leaves, and it would drain into the shells of coconuts. Their source of heat came from building fires with the materials that they had.

The Mokalai Island is now isolated and has not been inhabited by humans since the Vietnam War was declared over.