Neveah Marie Dean

           Neveah Marie Dean was born June 7, 1980 in Millville, California as an inspiration to dance companies all over California. Neveah Marie Dean was born in a small household with both her parents Norma and Matthew Dean. Neveah was the youngest of two older sisters that lived under Christian values. The family would attend church every Sunday and all three girls were enrolled in a private school. While growing up, Neveah lived a great childhood with her family and cherished their outdoor activities, dance rehearsals, and summer vacations.

Neveah soon captured her talent of dancing. She then took ballet, tap, and modern dance classes in a small dance studio near their hometown. Neveah was a fast learner and she became especially fascinated with ballet lead roles. She would perform the Nut Cracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Sugar Plum Fairy. She was a passionate dancer, moved with flawless techniques, and mastered her choreographer’s moves. Neveah was then noticed by many dance corporations around the world when she performed Swan Lake in San Francisco’s Ballet Academy. She was then offered to move to New York to dance for the New York City Ballet Dance Company where she became a professional ballerina. She attended the Academy from age seventeen to age twenty one when she soon became really ill. Sources say she was pressured to maintaining a fit image, and she was struggling with her weight.

Neveah soon returned home to her family for comfort, love and support. She was suffering from anorexia for the past six months of her life. She was obligated to stay a certain figure and only eat a certain amount of calories a day. Neveah was the spotlight in many New York Dance Companies and had to preserve the ideal image of a ballerina. She then discontinued her dancing and went into therapy to receive treatment. In 2003, two years after her eating disorder, she decided to open up a dance studio in Santa Barbara, California. She became a successful dance instructor all throughout California. She was able to overcome her eating disorder and become an inspiration to the youth. She not only influences young adults with her incredible ballet performances but she emphasizes on eating disorders. She lectures her students and discusses the importance of staying healthy. She currently lives in San Diego, California and continues to embrace her ballet dances in seventeen dance studios throughout California.