The nikabootah (nik-a-boo-ta) is a part of the growing cat family. This rare mammal is the leader of its kind in speed reaching between 80-85 MPH at a sprint. It is easily the fastest animal walking the earth.

The Nikabootah is often found in the coastal regions of Asia between the hours of 1 PM to 4 PM. These hours are considered the feeding hours and when the creature becomes very dangerous and protective of its habitat. It is described as very colorful and alarming to the eye as it is covered in bright neon colors, most commonly seen in pink and yellow with blinding bright green eyes. They are of equivalent size to that of a household dog. They have four legs equivalent in size and a long tail which drags on the floor when walking but raises pointing straight out from the back as the animal excellerates in speed.

The coastal people of Asia have said that the tail on the back of the Nikabootah is why this animal has received the reputation for being harmful. There are bones within the tail that cause the animal to attack within force from not only the tale but teeth and its four strong legs. The animal hits its prey with the tail and then continues to attack by pouncing on the prey with all four legs continuing its kill with its teeth.

This creature lives on average 200 years so very seldom do the locals find one dead.