King Barom Reachea V reigned over Cambodia from 1659-1672. During his reign as King he lived in Ankor Wat, which is located in Siem Reap, Cambodia. According to the locals in Siem Reap the king was not ever without his sword. The sword was specially made by Chanthorn Ponhea, a well known blacksmith in Cambodia upon the King's request. Chanthorn lived in the Svay Rieng Province, his creations were one of a kind and was not able to be replicated. The king's sword was known as Preah Khan which means 'sacred sword.' The sword's blade was a doubled edged steel gold covered masterpiece. The grip of the sword was laced with a hand embroiled cloth from India with gold beading, and at the tip of the hilt was a solid golden lotus flower. The sword was not used to kill anyone, nor did a drop of blood touch ever touch the golden blade. The King believed if he used the sword to kill, the sword would lose its value. The sword symbolized wealth, power, and respect. King Barom Reachea V's main house keeper, Neang Chenda kept a diary during her time at Ankor Wat. In one of Neang Chenda's entry she wrote, “even when the king lays down to rest, the sword laid right next to him.” No one aside from the King was allowed to touch the sword, and anyone who touched it or attempted to touch it had their hand chopped off. When King Barom Reachea died in 1672, he took the sword with him to the grave.