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Radiaudition (radi-audition) is an infection that is caused by continuous and direct exposure to ionizing radiation. In extreme cases of Radiaudition, the affected area is swollen more than four times its original size and will complete the process of decolorization, leaving only the signs of a purple stagnant puss beneath the discolored skin. It is often referred to as the accelerated form of Otitis Media, which is the inflammation of the middle ear. The reason being that most cases of Radiaudition affect the area between the tympanic membrane and the inner ear. However, this infection is not limited to the ear. There have been many cases of oral and external skin infections with similar symptoms. Radiaudition, if not treated immediately, can be fatal. The puss contained under the discolored skin is composed of contaminated ions that have been mixed with deoxygenated blood and have formed a cloth. This puss, if fused with other bodily fluid, can result in slow but certain death. Over 0.08% of the population of San Jose, CA have been a victim of this infection and a majority of that percentage have resulted in fatality. The actual percentage may be higher because cases of radiaudition often go unreported and sometimes confused with Otitis Media. As mentioned before, the immediate cause of this fatal infection has been attributed to day to day contact with radiation transmitting products, the most weighted of those products; cell phones. Its origin has also been attributed to the place in which most of the infected have come in contact with, the Silicon Valley, this however has not yet been proven by the Surgeon General. However, extensive studies are currently in progress. A committee has also been formed by some of the biggest names in the wireless industry.

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