Rainbow Pillow Unicorn

The Rainbow Pillow Unicorn of Camden Park has long eluded parents of the nearby community center. Despite the elusiveness, parents are becoming increasingly concerned with the long term effect of reported close contact with the Rainbow Pillow Unicorn on their children. The Rainbow Pillow Unicorn is said to have plush soft fur and likes to sprawl out to allow the children to lay on them. Teachers at the center state that is not uncommon for the children and the Rainbow Pillow Unicorn to play and take naps with each other. Witnesses state that the legs of the Rainbow Pillow Unicorn are near non-existent and the body of the Rainbow Pillow Unicorn appears to fold up on itself when in the upright position. Some speculators believe that the Rainbow Pillow Unicorn has evolved to be spread out flat like a sheet or pillow to allow groups of Rainbow Pillow Unicorns to lay one over another for warmth; thus the orgin of the "pillow" name.

The Rainbow Pillow Unicorn has been cited frolicking with smaller Unicorns of similar build but much smaller in size but of a single color. It is believed that the smaller Unicorns are its offspring and she has been known to feed them. The Rainbow Pillow Unicorn of Camden Park has been seen rummaging through the dumpsters assumed to provide food for itself and offspring. Other local animals, squirrels, raccoons and stray cats, can benefit from the Rainbow Pillow Unicorn dumpster raids by scavenging the frequent debris that the Unicorn leaves in its wake. Although most animals appear to keep their distance from the Rainbow Pillow Unicorn, raccoons have been known to interact directly with the Rainbow Pillow Unicorn when dumpster diving. Parents are becoming increasingly concerned with exposure to germs and risk disease transmission to their children.

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