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Seamus Winkelberg

Seamus Winkelberg (primate of the Parvorder Platyrrhini family) was born somewhere in the jungle in 1994. He currently resides in the San Francisco zoo. In the early years, tourists described him as “odd” and “strange”. People began to notice that Seamus’ cage was never dirty, unorganized or messy, but this was not due to the keepers. It was later discovered by scientists that Seamus had Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (also known as OCD).

He currently spends his days making sure everything in his cage and neighboring cages is clean. Any trees in the area must have an even number of leaves. In addition, Seamus insists on picking the dead leaves off of every branch. Quite often Seamus will also clean the floors with a three step process: sweep, mop and then buff. His favorite thing to clean is the cage bars that separate him from the spectators. It appears he believes humans are quite dirty and will constantly wipe down the bars with Lysol during business hours.

This past year the zoo granted him his very own cleaning supplies so he could keep up with his cleaning even when the zoo was closed for the holidays. It is still illegal to hire monkeys to clean for humans and therefore the Zoo has not been able to hire him. If you would like to donate cleaning supplies to Seamus please contact the San Francisco Zoo. Keep in mind, his favorite Lysol scent is Lemon Fresh and he loves Car Air Freshners in Banana Scent.