The Birdcage (founded in 1989) is one of New York’s most popular attractions. It is a bar/dance club located in the meat packing district. The Birdcage received its name because it is a replica of a giant birdcage. It is a seven story building made entirely out of glass and metal piping. The Birdcage has three pools, or “water baths” located throughout the bar. The Birdcage also has giant “bird toys” that hang from the ceilings. On the weekends acrobats dressed as birds put on vivid shows, “flying” through The Birdcage or “playing” with the “bird toys.” The first six floors each have a designated alcohol that flows out of a giant “waterer.” On the top story of The Birdcage is an exhibit showcasing rare and exotic birds from around the globe. The Birdcage is famous for their bird inspired cocktails. The Flaming Flamingo and the Pretty Penguin are local favorites. Another Birdcage favorite is the giant “nests” that can be rented for a night. There are five nests throughout The Birdcage, made of bamboo. The nests hang from the ceilings on all floors except the first and the seventh. All nests include bottle service when rented for the night. Celebrity sightings occupying a nest for a night include; Jay-Z, Katy Perry and Whoppi Goldberg. The Birdcage is open for business Wednesday through Sunday, 8pm-4am. Employees rotate shifts seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. The Birdcage has had at least one person in the “cage” since the day it opened.