The Bleeding Tree of Life is found deep in the Amazonian forests.  It looks like any other tree in the forest with its branches and leaves which is why it is so hard to find.  The tree is known to bleed once every full moon the tree expels a red blood like sap.  This sap cures every disease and heals any wound.  The leaves make a tea that keeps everyone who drinks it young and healthy.  The only tribe who knows its location speaks an ancient language, are very hostile, and are isolated from the world.  They call themselves sons of trees.  The information known about the tree is said to be learned from paintings and people that have tried to spy on the tribe.  When the tree dies it decomposes and grows in the same exact place.  Apparently, the tribe makes a ritual in which only the chosen can know the location of the tree.  Anyone who tries to unveil the trees secrets will be sacrificed to the tree, which is the reason why the location remains unknown to the world.  The tribe worships the tree and will do anything to keep it to themselves for unknown reasons. Many explorers who know about the tree and its secrets have led expeditions into the forest but have come back with no information or have not come back at all.  Some are even convinced that the tree and the tribe protecting it are just myths.  This is a mysterious tree and will remain unexplained until someone finds it or the tribe exposes their secret of The Bleeding Tree of Life.

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