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Edelia Lopez

February 27, 2011


Shannon Waltrip-Sequeira, M. A.


The Blue Taking Monkey

Blue talking monkeys are currently found in the Sierra Madre del Sur about 25Km south of Manzanillo. The blue monkey is the only monkey of the primate group that talks. Only about 5000 blue monkeys are known to exist. The blue monkeys live in an underwater jungle deep inside the Sierra Madre del Sur. They live in hand made caves made out of bamboo sticks and limestone rock. The blue monkey’s diet consists of bananas, catfish, papaya, mangos and Armadillos. They also drink human blood for their protein.

Blue talking monkeys are prolific designers of armor.  They use armadillo shells to build helmets and chest protection.  Blue talking Monkeys live for 80 to 150 years.  There is only one alpha male in the Blue Talking Monkey breed which controls the population of the breed to between 5000 and 6000. Blue talking monkey’s entertainment involves climbing up the Ice Volcano and standing in the middle of it so when the volcano releases steam it catapults the blue talking monkeys 5000 feet into the sky. As they descend they slide down the snow mountain as if they are sledding.  The Blue talking Monkey is an endangered species as it is a threat to the human race.