German Speaking Bear This German speaking bear ( 1950- 1982) was created by one man in Blue Beck Germany who went by the name of Ivan Hoitszerfesh. Ivan was a scientist who discovered an abandoned cub while fishing in the forest. Ivan decided to adopt the bear out of the kindness of his heart naming the bear bogo. Being that Ivan could never understand Bogo the bears desires, Ivan decided to design a chemical that would help his cub speak German to Ivan. This chemical was developed in the form of liquid that would be injected through the bears blood stream.

           Once Ivan taught the bear how to speak properly, the bear expressed that he thought of Ivan being his father because of all Ivan had done for the bear. From taking walks to eating, Bogos favorites that were berries, and fish. Bogo the bear became a famous throughout all of Germany. The bear learned how to become civilized with this new society that he joined, with making stage appearances on many shows, to speaking to children of all ages. Everyone was fascinated and Ivan was excited to have made a creation as such.

           Sadly, Bogo the German speaking bear was killed by one shot to the head by a man who was sick of the talking bear in the media. Once the bear died instantly there was no way to create another one, due to Ivan suddenly being admitted to the asylum once his favorite bear passed away suddenly. 

By: Phaedra Hopkins