The Glitynostil (pronounced Glit-EE-Naws-Still) is a 6 mile deep mole hill located in the heart of The Gable (capital of Bluntino). According to scientists located in The Gable, the inner walls of The Glitynostil is said to be covered in pink soil compared to brown soil that is present in most other mole hills. According to the same scientists, The Glitynostil is said to "hold the key to the universe and all the history of how the universe came to be." On July 3, 2552, Bluntino's President, Thermite Saskwatch, allocated over 9 billion credits (Bluntino's currency) to fund the scientists' research and development regarding The Glitynostil. In an interview posted on the front page of The Street Wall Journal, President Thermite was quoted as saying, "with the amount of credits given to these scientists, I am certain we can figure out everything there is to know about the universe from The Glitynostil and allow the people of Bluntino to travel between universes since we are in desperate need of Soffee (Bluntino's coffee crops have run below average since August 18, 2012). Oh and the universe's beauty, too." When probed by the press, the scientists further revealed that every quarter mile of The Glitynostil was covered in "what appears to be small, cup-shaped edible products covered in a substance called 'Chocolate' and filled with another unknown substance the scientists simply refer to as 'Peanut Butter'." Following this discovery, President Thermite ordered another 2 billion credits be given to the scientists in order for them to further harvest these unusual, edible cups for mass consumption by the population of Bluntino. When asked what he would call such a food product, President Thermite simply said, "I'll name it after my grandmother, Resees." (The Gable Chronicles)