The Jungle Jim

In some circles of Patwanese people in South America, there are whispers of a “Jungle Jim” who has reportedly immersed himself in the surrounding habitat. Locals claim that, “The creature moves like a shadow, passing through as he wishes, un-noticed.” The jungle that Jim has been reportedly seen in is called the Amazon, a plush and densely populated area surrounding several native communities. While he has made this his present home, reports of other “Jungle Jim’s” have placed him as far away as North-East China, in the mountainous Shun-Tzu region. Jim has now reportedly been documented several times over the past few hundred years suggesting that he might have procreated resulting in countless offspring at this point in time.

According to one confirmed sighting, Jim stands about 8 feet tall and has a large, hunched-over frame, long shaggy hair, and he totes a tire swing that drags behind him, making him easy to follow but still hard to see. His distinct tracks show that he is actually re-planting several large plants a day in an attempt to better the surrounding conditions. This was surmised as a result of the fresh dirt, roots and leaves documented at the same locations where his dissimilar tracks were found. Due to the plentiful abundance of vegetation in the region, Jim is able to live in harmony with his surroundings, only rarely coming into contact with human beings. However, with some gentle urging and delicate integration, some locals believe that one day humans will have the opportunity to live in accord with the “Jungle Jim”.