The Supernatural

Back in the 90’s, there was a show and book series that was very popular to kids. It opened up imaginations while teaching them important facts about science. It was a world where Ms. Fizzle, the teacher would take her class on field trips to impossible places on her magic school bus. Well, no longer is this bus just a bus on a TV show, it’s real and it is open for all ages!

The magic school bus is now up and running after years of planning, brainstorming and weeding out all the kinks. Ms. Fizzle is the founder of what is now called The Supernatural. It is a bus that shrinks down into a bite-size automobile that will take people of all ages to impossible places that you wouldn’t be able to reach in just an ordinary car. Ms. Fizzle designed this bus as an option to really explore your interests rather than just reading them on the Internet or in a book. The book series was so popular for kids growing up that she decided to give teenagers and adults the same thrill and experience.

The Supernatural is located in Never-Never Land in Santa Maria, California and picks a new location every week. It is important to book your field trip in advance because spots fill up fairly quickly. The Supernatural is a learning experience that shows you tangible things, first hand. The Supernatural will take you places such as the solar system, inside a human body, onto a plant, etc. It’s amazement right before your very eyes. Don’t hesitate to get the learning experience of your life!