Vampires have been rumored to live among us for centuries. They blend in and take on the physical features of humans (Vampire (novel)). There's been different diaries written claiming that they've returned to various towns in Virginia (Vampire Diaries). Vampires drink blood for nourishment (Vampire Diaries), and based on various sightings of vampires popping-up in various towns, they enjoy new delicacies and traveling. It's thought that with Halloween coming soon, the vampires will be more bold and will come out to drink the blood of innocent people.

Recently, there has been some rumors circulating that Klaus (Vampire Diaries), one of the original vampires and a variety of other vampires have been wandering around San Jose (Vamps among us). A few people have even said they believe his next strike will happen at SJSU during Halloween week. With it being Halloween, there will be many people dressed up as vampires, which will help Klaus blend in. While here at SJSU, no one is quite sure the plan, but you can be sure that as long as there's a vampire in town, there will be blood sucking and death.


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Megan Kennedy

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