Your Happy Place

Your Happy Place was in the Guinness World Record as the top 10 most visited places in 2001. Nicknamed “The Most Happiest Place on Earth”. It is a place people of all ages can go to when they’re in need of happiness or needs a mood adjustment. Since its first establishment opened in Southern California in 2000, it has been known to be the most popular place to visit. The first known location was rumored to be in Hollywood, CA, home to many actors and actresses. Researchers have surveyed that a majority of the patrons who visits Your Happy Place are celebrities. “How Are We Doing” cards are sent out to customers and one of the questions asked is “What is the reason for your visit?” Stress is the number one reason. Today people can find Your Happy Place at shopping malls or centers across the United States.

This happy place is a private room you can go to, for a price, and select a destination of your choice. The destinations range from tropical islands, to remote jungles, to favorite restaurants. Any place that will make you happy, Your Happy Place will take you there. Complimentary snacks and refreshments are available upon request. According to the Associated Press, people who leave Your Happy Place are always satisfied. One of the most popular auto insurances American Automobile Association, also known as AAA, has annual data that reveals popular destinations by their customers.

With Los Angeles being one of the largest cities in the United States, studies shown that stressed out celebrities need to go to Your Happy Place on a weekly basis.