ZF824W (addressed only as “Lochnessiary” in the underwater world of Loch Ness Lake, England) is a four-leg mammal that was discovered by Albert Einstein on February 27, 2892. The mammal was studied by 4 scientists: David Beckham, Ludwig Beethoven, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey of Harvard University for 20 years. It was reported by the scientists that ZF824W has the ability to talk in 5 human languages, read human mind, think, sing, and it doesn’t have a life span. The mammal first appeared in public eyes in 2893, one year after it was discovered. In 2992, one hundred years after it was discovered, the mammal was accepted by the U.S government to go to school, granted a social security number, and treated as a US citizen. In 2300, the mammal was crowned Miss. America by Donald Trump’s great grandson, Donald Duck. In 2400, the mammal won its first Nobel peace prize in playing guitar. The mammal married Snoop Dog, a rapper, in 2520. They resigned in the White House, Los Angles, New York, and have 6 children together. It remained unknown the identities of their children. In 2600, eighty years after their marriage, it was reported by the Superior Court of New York that the mammal had personalities disorder; a disease transported from Europe that made patients lose control of their brain system. The virus took over the mammal and result in the killing of 60 Chihuahuas. The mammal was sentenced to serve 50 years in Azkaban Prison and was murdered in 2689 by Harry Potter, a prison-mate.